Yevhenii Afanasiev

Senior DevOps Engineer



Cloud-native and serverless enthusiast. Love to put thing in containers and in order. Area of expertise - complete application lifecycle from architecture planning trough development pipelines to production deployment. If you get excited watching your code building and deploying while you are sipping a cup of tea - you came to the right place.


I am proficient with:

  • Linux desktop and server (Debian-based mostly).
  • Containers and orchestration (Cattle, Swarm, Kubernetes).
  • CI/CD (TeamCity, Gitlab CI, Octopus Deploy, GitHub Actions).
  • AWS
    • EC2
    • CloudFront
    • S3
    • RDS
    • VPC
    • Route53
    • EKS
    • ElastiCache
    • DocumentDB
    • Amazon MQ
  • Git, GitLab, GitHub.
  • Web servers (Nginx, Apache, Haproxy).
  • Databases (MongoDB, Cassandra, PostgreSQL, MSSQL).
  • Shell scripting (BASH, PowerShell 6.0).

I am familiar with:

  • Windows Server (AD, RDS, IIS).
  • Networking (DNS, routing, NAT, firewalls).
  • Azure (Azure DevOps, AD, VM).

Software stack:

  • NodeJS (Express, TypeScript, NestJS).


  • Ukrainian - native.
  • Russian - native.
  • English - C1.


  • Zhytomyr Polytechnic State University
    Master's degree, Computer Software Engineering 2018 - 2019

  • Zhytomyr State Technological University
    Bachelor's degree, Systems Engineering 2014 - 2018


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Finsight [Link (opens new window)]

DevOps Engineer | February 2022 - present | _Remote

Skills & Technologies: AWS, Kubernetes, Containers, PHP, NodeJS, GitHub, PostgreSQL, GitOps

Started a DevOps transformation in the company. Moved development processes from outdated tools to latest GitOps and IaaC approaches.

  • Upgraded company IaaC to the latest tool versions and modular versioning approach, refactored structure.
  • Introduced a GitOps configuration for tuning and maintaining cluster applications (FluxCD).
  • Decoupled operations from current release lifecycle and adopted trunk-based approach.

About me

Keen on music (metal and rock the most, but can appreciate a good synth/electronic/techno as well), finished a guitar class. Love travelling, visited Hungary last autumn, went to Bukovel this winter for skiing - awesome. A proud owner of two cats - Maine Coon and British shorthair. Have a passion for cooking and can whip up a gorgeous meal in no time. Also, a public speaker on various local IT-related events.